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"Center-invest" Bank Gives a 1000th Passport

At the end of August 2003 in "Center-invest" Bank within the framework of carrying out of the currency control over export-import transactions 1000th passport of the import business has been given. The anniversary passport has been handed over to Sergey Dagldjan the director of LLC "Paper-mill" (located in Chaltyr settlement).

You started to cooperate with "Center-invest" Bank in 1998. What was the guide to you in choosing a partner Bank?

Sergey Dagldjan: First of all, we knew well about great reputation of "Center-invest" Bank. In the second place, we are patriots of our region, so we want to have a business exactly with Don regional Bank. And we could fast make certain of advantages and reliability in cooperating with "Center-invest" Bank. It has helped us a lot in foreign contracts during the crisis.

You cooperate with Bank in external economic transactions. What other services you are using?

Sergey Dagldjan: "Center-invest" Bank realizes full banking service for our enterprise - settlement and cash service, crediting, encashment, plastic cards, etc. The quality of these services doesn't give rise to unfavourable criticism. In a short time we are planning to make a vendor contract with Italian company for modern equipment, and we are going to apply "Center-invest" Bank for credit again.

What are the advantages in cooperating with one of the leaders in South Russia Banking market?

Sergey Dagldjan: The cooperation with Bank such is "Center-invest" Bank makes ourselves to improve for its level. The experience and prestige of "Center-invest" encourages us. We get not only high quality banking service, but also a great advisory help. To advance business with such a partner is a pleasure for us. The "Center-invest" additional office in Chaltyr is worthy of a single mention. Thanks to it our interaction with "Center-invest" Bank becomes more reliable and efficient.