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From Business Plans to Investment Projects

On October 9, 2002 Bank Center-invest has started a new training program 'From business Plans to Investment Projects' addressed to directors of the Rostov region enterprises. The cycle of seminars is timed to the 10th anniversary of the Bank. The first seminar took place in Aksay.

Traditionally anniversaries are celebrated in Rostov under the following circuit: an official part - a concert - a banquet. Nevertheless the Board of Directors of Commercial Bank Center-invest, well known for its educational activity, has made a decision to celebrate the Bank's anniversary by a cycle of seminars.

The program is meant for managers and experts of the Don large enterprises, businessmen of medium and small businesses. 15 seminars are scheduled all over the Rostov region.

The primary task of the seminars is to convince managers of the Don enterprises that USD 1 billion investments into the region economy is a practicable figure. During the seminars the questions of the business plan development are discussed, and practical recommendations for efficient management, investment and marketing activities are given based upon an example of successful business of Bank Center-invest clients. Advantages of different types of loans and external economic transactions for the company are discussed. A question of specific character of small business development is considered separately. The experts of the Bank have developed practical manuals especially for the seminar participants.

The cycle of seminars 'From Business Plans to Investment Projects' will go on up to the end of the year. Besides the experts of Bank Center-invest the members of Board of Directors of the Bank, heads of the largest successful enterprises of the region, will give speeches. In Rostov the seminar will take place on November 26, 2002.

Directed to enhance efficiency of the Rostov region enterprises, the new educational initiative of Bank Center-invest is another regular contribution of the Bank to the process of acceleration of economic reforms in the Don region.