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The computers stock of Bank Center-invest depositors has replenished with three new PCs

On August 29, 2002 the fourth regular computers drawing took place among depositors of Bank Center-invest.

This time the number of depositors participating in drawing set a record -1106 'Elite' accounts were opened. There were three computers in the drawing. Two of them went to clients of the Bank in Taganrog and Salsk, and the third one remained in Rostov.

It should be recalled that till this time depositors of Bank Center-invest have already won eleven PCs. Furthermore, there were regular drawings of TV sets, home appliances, and other prizes. In February of this year a depositor from Krasny Sulin won a VAZ-2110 car.

Nevertheless, Bank Center-invest has laid up the main events by its anniversary. In November a drawing of two-room flat will take place, and one more car will be drawn on New Year's Eve.