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The loans of Center-Invest Bank are guaranteed by international institutions

US Agency for International Development (USAID) stood as a warrantor for the loans of Center-Invest Bank for small and mi-cro enterprises to the total amount of $2 mln.

This guarantee has been provided within the Program for Loan Guarantee Provision (LGP) that was designated as a mean of credit resources mobilization for small business. According to the terms of agreement USAID took upon itself 50% of credit risk cover for the loans given by Center-Invest Bank to small enter-prises complying with the specified requirements. The guarantees of USAID belong to the guarantees of the governments of devel-oped countries group.

It is the lack of ample bail that put basic obstacle for small business receiving the loans. Now the borrower could pledge only the half of the required collateral. As a rule, dur-ing assessment of collateral coefficient "2" is applied. The guarantee enables a small enterprise to pledge the amount of collateral equal to amount of loan, the other risks are taken by USAID upon itself.

The maximal amount of loan within the Program of USAID is $5000 for micro enterprises and $150,000 for small enterprises. The agreement between Center-Invest Bank and USAID is signed for 5 years. The loans would be given both in rubles and in US dol-lars.

At present time about 4000 enterprises out of the Center-Invest Bank's clientele belongs to the category of small enter-prises and about 210 mln. rubles of outstanding loans fall to the share of these enterprises. The choice of Center-Invest as strategic partner in Southern Russia by USAID was determined with the run of the bank's activity according to international accounting standards, successful realization of the own Program for small business support on the Don, and wide experience of cooperation with international financial institutions (TUSRIF, The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank).