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Center-Invest Bank is amid Russian leaders on the volume of depos-its

Center-Invest Bank became the only Rostov bank that entered TOP 100 of Russian banking market measured according to the vol-ume of natural persons deposits.

In the rating of PRIME-TASS as of January 1, 2002 ( Center-Invest Bank was on the 83rd place. Such a high score for local bank Center-Invest Bank managed to achieve due to the supply population with wide variety of de-posit programs including programs with drawing of prizes. The Center-Invest's depositors have already won TV's, computers, and on March 6, 2002 brand new "Lada" of 2110 model was presented to the client of additional office in Krashyi Sulin. The "Automo-bile deposit program became so popular that Seniors of the bank made a decision to play the next car of the tenth model. More-over there are deposit programs with lottery for two and three-rooms apartments!

Account must be taken of the fact that all attracted funds of population remain on the territory of the region and continue to work for the benefit of the Don economy. The visual proof of this fact is upward shift of bank's position in the ratings ac-cording to the volume of own capital (148th place) and the volume of assets (169th place).