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Center-Invest Bank promised to its depositors one more tenth model (VAZ-2110)

We have already informed you about the drawing of automobile VAZ ("Lada") model 2110 among the depositors of Center-Invest Bank. On March 6, 2002 dark-green automobile was presented to V.V. Melnikov - lucky client of Center-Invest Bank from Krasnyi Sulin.

According to Melnikov he has never won any lotteries and put this deposit into Center-Invest Bank because of financially at-tractive conditions. In spite of short history of Center-Invest Bank's additional office in Krasnyi Sulin its stainless reputa-tion is well known in the town. The deposits with drawings of computers, automobile, two and three-rooms apartments immedi-ately acquired big popularity among people of Krasnyi Sulin. And not for vain.

V.V. Vysokov - Vice-president of Center-Invest Bank, during presentation of prize told the following: "The depositors of Center-Invest Bank in Krasnyi Sulin as well as depositors from other 15 towns and cities of Rostov region once again have a chance to win an automobile. The Seniors of the bank decided to draw one more "Lada"-2110 within "Automobile" deposit program". But if anybody doesn't succeed in getting automobile, computer or apartment annual 18% will become good benefit for Center-Invest Bank's depositors.