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Center-Invest Bank has got acquainted with the experience of foreign banks in protection of commercial classified information

On January 28-29, 2002 there was held Russian economical and financial forum in Geneva, where the Heads of Center-Invest Bank participated.

This forum is the continuation of series of international conferences "Emerging of market economy" having been held since 1994. The forum traditionally gathered sound membership: the members of Government, the Heads of The Bank of Russia, repre-sentatives of State Duma Committees, authoritative bankers, and directors of large Russian enterprises.

In the course of forum there were discussed the forecasts of world and Russian economical development, basic trends and prob-lems of the country's financial system and financial legislation development. In spite of victorious reporting about the success-ful completion of the year 2001, the forum's participants not once noticed the deceleration of Russian economy growth rates towards the end of the year. The basic items of discussion be-came the fates of Russian banks and their clients in the face of shift onto international standards of financial reporting and effectiveness of federal law "About resistance to legalization (laundry) of illegally gained proceeds" from February 1, 2002.

Delegates from Center-Invest Bank reported to the partici-pants of the forum on its activity for acceleration of growth rates of enterprises - clients of the bank by means of support-ing their investment projects. There was also discussed methodi-cal experience of Center-Invest Bank in consulting of the banks from the Southern Federal District on the shift onto interna-tional standards of financial reporting.

During forum Rostov bankers got acquainted with the experi-ence of foreign banks in the protection of commercial classified information of their clients in the conditions of active legis-lation for resistance to "laundry" of illegal proceeds and with the principle of British, Swiss, Liechtenstein "financial intel-ligence services activity.