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Experts from the European Union appreciated Center-Invest Bank's experience

On March 1, 2002 in Moscow there was held international con-ference "Broadening of small business access to financing in Russia" organized by Tacis and Ministry of Antimonopoly Policy of the Russian Federation.

R. Right - Head of Delegation of European commission in Rus-sia, A.G. Tsyganov - Deputy Minister on Antimonopoly policy, ex-perts from international financial organizations took part in the work of the conference.

In the informational brochures distributed among partici-pants of the conference the experts from The Netherlands Eco-nomical Institute mentioned the experience of Center-Invest Bank in crediting of small business including credit and guarantee lines of international financial organizations. The volume of Center-Invest Bank's credit portfolio comes to 7 millions dol-lars and is not only the biggest in Rostov region, but also among the banks from other regions of Russia.

The conference was held on the eve of representation of The State Program for Small Business Support on the Years 2003-2005 to the Government of the Russian Federation. Therefore the par-ticipants of conference with great interest were aquatinted with suggestions of JSC Commercial bank Center-Invest and Rostov re-gional Chamber of Commerce and Industry concerning competitive choice of small entrepreneurs projects in account of state sup-porting funds. At present time these suggestions were presented to Small Entrepreneurship Council under authority of Administra-tion of Rostov region.