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"Center-Invest" offers large-scale guarantees to the customs

    The State Customs Committee of Russian Federation has granted the "Center-Invest" bank permission to act as a guarantor before the customs bodies. Now the amount of "Center-Invest" bank guarantees valid concurrently may be as much as $ 25 million. Largest permitted amount of a single bank guarantee will be $ 5 million.

    We would like to remind that before now the bank was permitted to offer guarantees in amounts less than $ 1 million, and not more than $ 5 million total. Such a growth of permitted amounts of guarantees is due to the significant increase of authorized capital of "Center-Invest" achieved last year from 89.5 million roubles to 160 million roubles.

    New quotas allowed by the State Customs Committee of Russian Federation permit the bank to act before the customs bodies as a guarantor in international business operations of Rostov region largest exporters and importers.