Depositor of Center-Invest Bank from Krasnyi Sulin has hit the "ten"

On February 26, 2002 there was held a drawing of the prize under "Automobile" deposit program of Center-Invest Bank. New tenth model of Volzhsky car factory (VAZ - in the international market VAZ's cars are presented under trademark "Lada") fell to the depositor from Krasnyi Sulin lot.

The drawings of prizes amid the depositors of Center-Invest Bank became the regular good tradition. Clients of the bank ac-cording to the numbers of their accounts have already won TVs, household equipment, gift collections. In the end of year 2001 within "Elite" deposit program there were drawn two prizes of 8 computers.

At last the turn of automobile has come. 577 depositors from 15 towns of Rostov region took part in the drawing. In the pres-ence of commission of Vice-president of the bank professor V.V. Vysokov and depositors of the bank cherished number of account was taken off the lotto barrel. The lucky bargee that won auto-mobile VAZ-2110 became the depositor of Center-Invest Bank's ad-ditional office in Krasnyi Sulin.

The bank's policy on the attraction of deposits from popula-tion has always been distinguished by the variety of deposit programs with beneficial terms and conditions. And with the ad-vent of new unique programs with drawing of computers, automo-biles and apartments allowed Center-Invest Bank not only the to strengthen the place of leader (Center-Invest Bank yields to South-Western Savings Bank of the Russian Federation only in re-spect of the volume of deposits) but also to break away from the nearest rivals. Such policy makes the resources of the Don peo-ple to work for the benefits of regional economy.

It remains only to wait in what towns and cities depositors of Center-Invest Bank shall get two- and three-rooms apartments.