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Center-Invest Bank: 1 billion rubles of loans to Rostov region

Towards February 1, 2002 the volume of outstanding loans of Center-Invest Bank exceeded 1 billion rubles. The bank remains one of the biggest creditors amid the banks of the Don.

The growth of volume of loans granted to regional enter-prises became a trend of the last months. About one-third of credit portfolio accounts for 14 affiliates and additional of-fices of the bank. Aksay, Taganrog and Salsk affiliates stand out especially.

In the end of the year 2001 and first months of this year power engineering and transport enterprises were the most active borrowers; commerce, procurement and processing of agricultural production, industry traditionally belong to the group of large borrowers. Over 7 millions dollars was spent for the loans to small business.

It's important to notice that there is extremely low level of past-due loans in the credit portfolio - not exceeding 0.7%. The last confirmation of high quality of Center-Invest Bank's credit portfolio became the conclusion of agreement with US Agency for International Development directly managed by the State Secretary of the USA on guaranteeing of the bank's loans to small and micro enterprises.