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Another ABM of the Center-Invest Bank.

Another ABM of the Center-Invest Bank was installed last week. This ABM performs operations with the plastic cards of the Europay Int. and Visa international payment systems. Moreover, in Rostov-on-Don only the Center-Invest ABMs accept the American Express and Diners Club cards.

The new ABM in Sokolova Avenue has become another step forward in realization of the plastic card project of the Center-Invest Bank. Note that the Center-Invest Bank is the only regional bank that issues its own plastic cards, including Eurocard/MasterCard Ё Cirrus/Maestro.

Many Rostov-based enterprises already use the Center-Invest cards to pay the wages and salaries. The first ABM was installed at the headquarters of AO Rostovenergo. Now the holders of plastic cards will be able to get cash round the clock from the new downtown outlet.