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Authorities counsel with Center-Invest

On the 19th of December 2001 there was established Small En-trepreneurship Council under authority of Administration of Ros-tov region. The new advisory body was headed by the First deputy of Rostov region Governor I.A. Stanislavov. The Don banking capital in the Council is presented by Vice Chairman of Board of directors of Center-Invest Bank V.V. Vysokov.

The major tasks of Small Entrepreneurship Council include:

  • preparation of suggestions for improvement of federal and re-gional legislation on regulation of entrepreneur's activity, elimination of legislative and administrative barriers for de-velopment of small business, attraction of foreign capital, increasing of educational standards amid entrepreneurs;
  • promotion of the state and regional policy for development and support of small business;
  • provision of interaction between small business and executive authorities and municipalities;
  • promotion of positive public opinion on entrepreneur's activ-ity.

All of these lines are the components of Center-Invest Bank's activity and oriented on the support for small business of the Don. About 4000 enterprises out of the bank's clientele belongs to this category and up to the moment about 210 mln. ru-bles of outstanding loans fall to the share of these enter-prises. As a sign of positive recognition of experience of Cen-ter-Invest Bank could be regarded the fact of inclusion into analogous Council of Novocherkassk city representative of the bank - Director of local affiliate of Center-Invest Bank, V.D. Karpenko. Another senior person of the bank - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Center-Invest Bank, A.L. Kotchergin - within the last years has been working as an economical and investment councilor of Mayor of Rostov-on-Don city.

The information on the results of Small Entrepreneurship Council activity will be placed on the site of the joint project of Center-Invest Bank and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rostov region - "Internet association of small business" -