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Center-Invest is the most successful bank in the Rostov Province

    An authoritative Rostov weekly 'The Gorod N' names the Center-Invest Bank the most successful bank in the Rostov Province based on the results of the year 2000.

    The review of banks published in the ninth issue of 'The Gorod N' (7-13 March 2001) said that Center-Invest became the unchallenged leader among the local banks in the last year. On the average the Bank doubled its positive indices, which allowed it to grow into the largest Rostov bank in terms of the size of assets, credit investments, deposits, balances of the natural persons' accounts, and the profit. Center-Invest was quoted in six of the seven top-ten ratings for the local banks.

    The experts of 'The Gorod N' think that 'the Center-Invest is characterized by drive, purposefulness, and innovational approaches. It is among the most automated banks in the Province'. The weekly underlines the role of the bank in adoption of the Internet services in the Rostov Province, both for the development of the business of its customers, and for the social activities, in particular, training of the Don schoolchildren to use the Internet technologies.

    'The success of the Center-Invest was predetermined by its successful crediting and foreign exchange operations', conclude the experts of the weekly on the basis of the profit-and-loss account.