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The Center-Invest Bank in Volgodonsk

    On Monday, 12 March, the Volgodonsk Office of the Center-Invest Bank was presented to the public. The presentation was attended by V.V.Vysokov, Deputy Chairman of the OJSC CB Center-Invest, F.A.Kushnarev, Director General of OJSC Rostovenergo, and representatives of the Administration and the business circles of Volgodonsk.

    Speaking at the event, Mr.Vysokov underlined that this additional office was opened 'in response to insistence' of a major shareholder and customer of the Bank - Rostovenergo Joint-Stock Company. This power supplier has a network of branches covering the entire province, and needs a ramified system of settlement nodes. The Volgodonsk Office is only one of the stages of further penetration of the Center-Invest Bank into the districts of the province.

    Mr.Kushnarev told the gathering that the cooperation between OJSC Rostovenergo and the Center-Invest Bank was positive. The majority of the local power enterprises are already the customers of the Volgodonsk Office. Opening of their clearing accounts with the Center-Invest Bank will allow the local companies to optimize their payments for power resources by using the proven schemes of the Bank. Besides, as the customers of a bank complying with the international standards, the Volgodonsk dwellers will be able to use the widest range of services provided by the Center-Invest innovation and finance group..