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More than 2373 juridical person accounts were open in OJSC "CB Center-Invest” since the beginning of the current year of 2004. It should be noticed, that the inflow of new clients during this pe-riod has beaten the result of the whole year of 2003. The overall amount of juridical person accounts, open in “CB Center-Invest”, has reached 14.5 thousand by July 1, 2004. The intense growth of Bank’s clientage occurs due to increase of offered possibilities. The seminar carried out by mutual ef-forts of the "CB Center-Invest" and the Rostov Customs House not so long ago showed the vivid interest of regional exporters and importers to the commercial financing program, organized by the OJSC "CB Center-Invest" and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The small-scale business of area has received a real opportu-nity to renew their manufacturing capabilities and broaden the range of goods and services using long-term credits in the frame-work of back-up lines, granted to the "CB Center-Invest" by inter-national organizations. Traditionally high quality of services rendered by the OJSC "CB Center-Invest" to its clients is another competitive advantage of the Bank.

The OJSC "CB Center-Invest" is working on a new representative office which is supposed to be more spacious (over 2000 square me-ters), comfortable and convenient for its clients. It is expected to be open by autumn 2004 and undoubtedly will serve to raise the quality of services and reduce the time expenses for the clients of the OJSC "CB Center-Invest".