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The JSC Center-invest bank has held a new record: the volume of the private clients deposits has exceeded the level of 2,5 billion rubles.

The stable growth of the private deposits inflow in the JSC Center-invest bank certifies the high level of trust among the population of the South of Russia to the bank. Due to increase of the bank’s capital at the expense of inclusion of the European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development in the structure of shareholders of the JSC Center-invest bank the private depositors have got additional guarantees of reliability owing to participation of the international capital.

The new record level of private deposits was achieved also due to expansion of the savings programs, including those with draw of prizes, such as: "To grow large", "Automobile", "Elite". The inhabitants of cities and areas of the South of Russia have already become the owners of two apartments, three automobiles of a VAS-2110, 27 computers and plenty of home appliances. The nearest draw of prizes among the depositors of the JSC Center-invest bank on the savings program “The Autumn Mood” will be held in November.

The special attention in the JSC Center-invest bank is traditionally paid on the depositors - pensioners: having entered the special savings program "The Pension deposit" they can at once transfer the pension on the bank account and from this moment receive favorable interests on their means.

The JSC Center-invest bank successfully realizes the strategy of rendering the banking services according to the international standards on the basis of modern technologies - the spectrum of services extends, the number of the clients increases, the level of service raises. After opening in October of a new operational hall for the legal persons a more spacious and comfortable operational hall for the population will start functioning.