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Upon results of the rating “All banks of Russia” (published on 01.07.04 in the “Businessman” magazine) the JSC Center-invest bank has taken the 112-th position according to the volume of assets, having risen on 8 items during 2 quarters of the current year.

The growth of assets of the Center-invest bank during the time period from April till June 2004 was determined by the expansion of credit operations, including those, within the framework of the credit and guarantee lines of the international financial organizations.

The quantitative and qualitative growth of the JSC Center-invest bank is reflected not only in ratings of the leading news agencies. Due to expansion of a spectrum of rendered services and increase of number of the clients, the new front – office, aimed on legal persons servicing starts functioning in October. This new operational hall with the area of more than 2000 square meters meets the highest European standards.

The essential strengthening of positions of the JSC Center-invest bank, both on the size of assets and on the size of the capital, among the largest Russian banks is expected on results of the third quarter of the current year of 2004. These expectations are stimulated by two major reasons. First of all, it is the entering of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the structure of the JSC Center-invests bank’s shareholders. Secondly, it is the small and average business crediting line of $5 millions, open to the Rostov bank for 5 years by international financial organizations.