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JSC Center-invest bank opened new office in Metro Cash&Carry trading center

Center-invest bank opened new credit-and-cash settlement office in the largest trad-ing center in Rostov-on-Don - Metro Cash&Carry on Dovatora street, 255.

In its new office Center-invest bank provides operations with cash and loans to small business enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.

Full range of banking services is available to natural persons also: deposit opera-tions, currency exchange, payment of utility bills, money transfers via Western Union. It is also possible to execute there an advantageous agreement of consumer loan for durable goods, automobile and even apartment. The holders of Center-invest's plastic cards of in-ternational settlement systems have access now to money machine installed on the terri-tory of Metro Cash&Carry.

Representatives of Metro Cash&Carry made following comments on co-operation with Center-invest bank: "When choosing a bank-partner strict safety regulations, based on modern technologies, of Center-invest bank had been standing as important factor".

In the nearest future Center-invest's office will be opened in Volgograg branch of Metro Cash&Carry as well.