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The depositors of Center-invest bank are always in profit

On November 23, 2004 Center-invest bank held the 16th drawing of prizes among its clients. Within the Golden Autumn deposit there were drawn 28 sets of household equip-ment. On the same day 5 mobile phones were drawn between young depositors within Grow Up Bigger deposit.

Center-invest bank is well known by its wide range of deposits with drawing of prizes. The clients of the bank have already become the owners of three automobiles Lada-2110, 27 computers, different household equipment, mobile phones and two apartments.

The Chairman of Administrative Board of JSC Center-invest bank Cherenkov A.Ya. congratulated the winners. He also reminded the depositors on that on December 23 we could get to know happy owner of the fourth automobile Lada-2110 from Center-invest bank. Moreover on this day the drawing of household equipment will be drawn among all pensioner receiving pensions in Center-invest bank. You have still got the time to put deposit or transfer your pension to any branch of the bank in Rostov and Volgograd oblasts, and Krasnodar Krai.