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Doubling of knowledge together with Center-invest bank

In October 2004 the specialists of JSC Center-invest bank passed the training within a project Doubling of Knowledge. The training was arranged in a form of seminars held by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on the following issues: Strategy and Development of Banking Retail (Vienna, Austria) and Dynamic Risk Management (Rome, Italy).

Doubling of Knowledge is an integral part of new program for development of Center-invest bank Doubling of Business Together with Center-invest. Its essence lays in gradual development of qualitative and quantitative performance of Center-invest's clientele pro-portionally to the bank's indices. Highly qualified specialists of Center-invest bank are the key element in implementation of strategy for doubling of business volumes of the bank and its clients.

Center-invest is the only Rostov bank employees of which improves their skill on the monthly basis participating in international seminars and training programs. In November, on invitation of the International Finance Corporation two specialists of the bank are to be sent for training in the Europe. At present moment 3 academicians, 15 doctors and candidates of science work in Center-invest bank.