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JSC Center-invest bank and the new Europe

The 10-th Central and Eastern European Forum arranged by the Euromoney magazine was held on January 11, 2005 in Vienna (Austria), where investors and borrowers traditionally present the lines of investments in their regions. The partici-pants of the forum discussed the problems of investment's directions within the framework of the European Union's expansion and common European market.

In this connection during the speech of the First Vice-President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development attention of the forum's participants was concen-trated on facilitation by the EBRD of the European company's penetration to the Russian regional markets by means of successful regional banks. Center-invest bank was named as example.

In the course of conference Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Center-invest bank, professor, Doctor of economic sciences Vasiliy Vysokov held negotiations with Aus-trian, German and Italian banks on extension of credit lines for the projects in agriculture, energy-saving, mortgage, consumption lending, small and medium-size business financing in the South of Russia.

Professor Vasiliy Vysokov also took part in the sitting of round table on the prospects of banking services development in the Commonwealth of Independent States.