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Clients of Center-invest bank acquire new knowledge in the USA

In the framework of Doubling of Business Together with Center-invest bank program and subprogram Doubling of Knowledge from November 26 to December 08 clients of Center-invest bank, the heads and agronomists of agricultural enter-prises from Rostov oblast and Stavropol krai, made a business trip to the USA.

Doubling of Business Together with Center-invest bank program is aimed on dou-bling of business' size, living standards and knowledge of Center-invest's clients. Doubling of Knowledge plays as an accelerating agent in solution of task for doubling of other lines.

During the trip, the participants of delegation were acquainted with contemporary "minimal" technologies of wheat, sunflower, maize and soybean cultivation on experience of American farmers. Clients of Center-invest bank visited the plants and got thorough ac-quaint with the latest models of cultivation and other agricultural technique of The Great Plains, Kinze, Sunflower, Blu-Jet as well as processing equipment of Sukup and InstaPro companies.

Within the program of visit Center-invest's clients obtained advice from scientific per-sonnel of Pioneer company's headquarter (a transnational corporation) on the issues of optimal sowing of maize and sunflower hybrids, sorts of soybeans in the conditions of Rostov oblast and Stavropol krai.

Center-invest bank is actively implementing the program for its clients support. In July upon invitation of Center-invest professor Veso Schtrbaz (Austria) visited Rostov-on-Don, he is well known specialist on contemporary sowing technologies. The purpose of his visit was to consult the leading farming enterprises – clients of Center-invest bank.

Financing by Center-invest bank of the contracts signed by its clients in amount ex-ceeding $420 thousands for import of American agricultural technique became a result of visit to the USA.

The credit portfolio of Center-invest bank provided to the agricultural producers as of December 23, 2004 exceeds 1.2 billions of rubles.