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Center-invest bank: 3 billions of rubles on deposits

Center-invest bank has held new record amid the banks of Rostov oblast: the volume of individual's deposits has exceeded 3 billions of rubles. Stable growth of deposit volumes in Center-invest bank is an evidence of high confidence of popula-tion of the South of Russia to the bank.

Development of branch network and offer of wide range deposit products have facili-tated the achievement of new record value: today Center-invest bank is presented in 25 cities and regional centers of Rostov oblast, Krasnodar krai and Volgograd city, the depos-its offered to individuals, with drawing of prizes also, include Winter Fairytale, Grow Up Bigger, Elite, Automobile and Apartment deposits.

Depositors of Center-invest bank have already become the owners of two apart-ments, three automobiles, 27 computers, big number of different household equipment.

Special attention Center-invest bank spares to the depositors retired on pension: af-ter opening of special Pension deposit they could immediately transfer their pension on the bank account and from that moment receive favorable interests.

The nearest drawing amid the depositors of the bank will be held on December 23: next automobile - 10th model of LADA (VAZ) should be drawn. On the same day the draw-ing of household equipment will be held among those who transferred his/her pension into Center-invest bank.