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“Center Invest” Ranked High in Most Reliable Banks’ Rating

On January 28, 2005 the “RusRating” Independent National Rating Agency awarded high rating of solvency to the Open Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank “Center-Invest”. The bank from Rostov-on-Don received the rating of “BB-“ level, which reflects the stable financial status of “Center-Invest”, its strong position in the region, appropriate structure of share capital, and its achievements in international cooperation.

“RusRating” Agency contributes to informational transparency of the banking system of Russia, strengthening of trust to reliable banks, and development of civilized financial market in Russia. The information provided by the agency facilitates evaluation of reliability of Russian banks to potential partners and investors. Availability of a bank with high “BB-“ rating in the South of Russia increases the investment attractiveness of the region.

In the process of evaluation the “RusRating” experts got acquainted with the activity and accounts of “center-Invest” bank in detail. In their report the “RusRating” experts stressed that among the “Center-Invest” advantages are:

  • clear-cut strategy of development (not only own business, but the clients’ business as well – the business-plan “Double with “Center-Invest” bank);
  • diversified corporate base of clients (more than 6,000 companies of medium and small scale business, and over 3,000 private entrepreneurs);
  • dynamic management, system of risks control and strong executive staff (availability of Corporate Conduct Code, elaborated jointly with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Financial Corporation).

According to the experts of “RusRating”, the recent joining of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to shareholders of the “Center-Invest” bank and successful cooperation with the international financing organizations shall double the business of the bank from Rostov-on-Don.