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“Center Invest First” Bank Directorate Pool New Growth

“Center Invest First” Bank Directorate Pool (BDP) summed up first time in 2005. By January 31, 2005 the BDP index growth for the last month equaled to 4.04% (annual 47.57%), for the last 6 month – 21.3% (annual 42.6%), for the last 12 months – 9.29%.

Using the BDP service one can allocate means in the Russian stock market. The minimal amount of joining “Center Invest First” BDP equals to 25,000 Rubles. By February 1, 2005 the capital in management of the “Center Invest First” BDP exceeded 20 million Rubles.

The staff of “Center Invest First” BDP is comprised of certified experts with stock market operations experience over 5 years.

Bank Directorate Pool envisages long term investments. For the convenience of the clients there is the possibility to withdraw any time.

The experts recommend to make investments for the period exceeding one year, and even better – for several years, when they reach their maximal efficiency.

The updated information on BDP profitability is available at the site of “Center Invest” Bank: