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Bank Center-invest entered the TOP-50 of Russian banks

Journal “Kommersant. Money.” (N13, 2005) has published rating “TOP-100 of the retail banks from the number of the banks that joined deposit insurance system at 1st stage”. Among the TOP-100 of the largest Russian banks OJSC credit bank Center-invest took the 49th position by the volume of personal deposits.

As of the end of 2004 according to journal “Kommersant. Money.” Personal deposits in OJSC credit bank exceeded RUR 3.2 billion. Since the beginning of 2005 the volume of deposits in bank Center-invest has increased by RUR 350 million more and exceeded RUR 3.5 billion (as of April 1, 2005) By the end of 2005 Bank Center-invest plans to increase personal deposits up to RUR 4.5 billion, assets up to RUR 12 billion, profits up to RUR 400 million, the volume of crediting will increase up to RUR 8.5 billion.

Stable growth of volume of deposits in Bank Center-invest is the evidence of high confidence of the population of the South of Russia in the Bank.

Bank Center-invest offers to the population of the South of Russia a wide range of deposits, including those with drawing of prizes – “Spring” deposit, “Grow up a big person!” deposit, “Elite” and “Car” deposits. The depositors of Bank Center-invest have already received two flats, 3 cars VAZ-2110, 27 computers and a great number of domestic equipment.

In 2005 Bank Center-invest offered new types of deposits. They are “Progressive” deposit (with progressive interest rate) and “Special” deposit (with interest preservation in case of pre-term closing).

Bank Center-invest pays much attention to pensioner depositors. After establishing a special “Pension” account they can transfer their pensions to their accounts at once to get profitable interests.

A special feature offered by Bank Center-invest to the war and labour veteran-depositors and devoted to the anniversary of the Victory in Great Patriotic War, became new deposit “60 years since Victory Day” with the highest interest rate possible. Traditionally veteran-depositors on the eve of the 9th of May receive presents from Bank Center-invest as well as a TV concert (on May 8 you can watch it at 2.30 p.m. on the “Tele-IKS” television channel).