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Bank Center-invest opened a new hall for retail lending

New hall for retail lending was opened in Bank Center-invest in the largest bank office (1000 sq. m.) for individuals servicing in the South of Russia. For the sake of rostovites’ comfort the hall is opened till 7 p.m., six days a week and preserved its former address (Sokolova Avenue, 62).

All the range of products of retail lending is offered in the new hall: mortgage (including loans for share freeholding in the houses and for completion of building of houses), car lending, loans for the purchase of durable goods (computers, domestic equipment, furniture etc.), and loans for urgent needs (education, recreation etc.).

The level of service in the new hall of Bank Center-invest meets the international quality standards completely:

  • The customer is always the focus of attention;
  • Sitting at the table any customer is served by a personal manager (there are 13 such workplaces in the new operational hall);
  • You can make loan application (consumer loan or car loan) over the phone. Special credit call-center was created for that purpose in Bank Center-invest
  • Polite and rapid service;
  • Absence of queues;
  • Professional consultations;
  • Wide and light hall meets all the demands of comfort and safety.

For the busiest customers Bank Center-invest is going to open soon the first in Rostov center of 24 hour service for individuals, with a full range of banking services: reception of deposits and utility bills payment, currency exchange and Western Union transfers. This will let Bank’s customers feel freer and use their time more efficiently and thus work calmly improving their living standards.