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Asset Management Fund “Center-invest First” is growing surpassing the inflation.

Web site has published the rating “The most profitable asset management funds of the 1st half of 2005” ( Asset Management Fund “Center-invest First” took the 3rd position among 25 asset management funds of the largest Russian banks.

The growth of the constitutors’ shares made up 11.62% (23.43% per annum) from 01.01.2005 to 30.06.2005. This figure exceeded the inflation indicator by 3.62% over the same period. Thus, shareholders of Asset Management Fund “Center-invest First” were able to protect their money from inflation as well as realize a profit.

RBC specialists note that during the first half of 2005 the most part of Russian asset management funds have made profit to their investors and exceeded bank deposit rates.

“Center-invest First” took the 2nd position in monthly RBC rating “Asset Management Fund yield” in June, 2005. The growth of share value made up 7.43%. After 18 months of the Fund functioning (from 01.01.2004 to 30.06.2005) the growth of the value of constitutors’ shares made up 22.32% (15.07% per annum). The value of net assets of Asset Management Fund “Center-invest First” exceeded RUR 28 million as of 01.07.2005.

Asset management fund presupposes long-term investment but for the sake of the customers’ comfort there is a possibility to withdraw money from the asset management fund at any moment. The specialists recommend investing for the term of more than 1 year or for a few years for the investments to reach maximum efficiency. Minimum sum of investment in Asset Management Fund “Center-invest First” equals RUR 25 thousand.

You can obtain up-to-date information about the Fund yield on the web site of Bank Center-invest: