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Depositors of Bank Center-invest have held a new record!

Depositors of Bank Center-invest have held their own new record – the volume of deposits in the largest Rostov bank exceeded RUR 4 billion! Rostovites have made their choice in favour of stability and reliability of Bank Center-invest, as this is the only Rostov bank that ranks among the TOP-100 of Russian banks.

The record was held due to new “long” deposits – “Special” and “Progressive” deposits. The advantage of “long” deposits in Bank Center-invest is the possibility of obtaining stable income from savings in rubles, euro or dollars in a long run. The longer the deposit is kept in the Bank the bigger interest the depositor gets. All the deposits in Bank Center-invest are insured via state deposit insurance system.

The depositors of Bank Center-invest have already been granted two flats, three cars VAZ-2110. Recently Bank Center-invest has drawn 44 sets of domestic equipment and 3 computers.

All summer long Bank Center-invest will be granting presents. Due to new summer program “My ideal vacation”, Bank Center-invest customers can prepare for their vacation more rapidly and thus their vacation lasts longer. Any person who opens any deposit account in Bank Center-invest in summer will be granted an international plastic card for free.

On the threshold of a new school year (August, 25) another drawing of prizes among the depositors of Bank Center-invest will take place. Cellular phones will be drawn for the depositors of “Grow up a big person!” deposit and computers for excellent students.

Bank Center-invest pays much attention to pensioner depositors. After establishing a special “Pension” deposit they can transfer their pensions to their accounts at once to get profitable interests.

You can open deposits with prize drawing or take a loan in any of 35 branches and additional offices of Bank Center-invest in Rostov-on-Don and Volgograd cities, Rostov and Krasnodar regions.

Stable growth of the volume of deposits in Bank Center-invest is the proof of high confidence of the population of the South of Russia in the Bank.