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Bank Center-invest attracted 100 million Euro to the economy of the South of Russia

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (London) increased credit line for trade financing for Bank Center-invest up to USD 20 million.

Additional USD 7 million in the frames of EBRD line will be used for crediting foreign trade operations of Bank Center-invest customers till the end of 2005.

Thus, Bank Center-invest has already attracted 100 000 000 euro to the economy of the South of Russia, due to cooperation with the largest international finance organizations – EBRD, International Finance Corporation, Agency for International Development of the USA, German corporation for investments and leading foreign commercial banks.

On October 3 in London in the frames of the 7th General conference of Russian and European Union (EU) Industrialists’ Round table the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Center-invest, professor V.V. Vysokov, Doctor in Economics, became a member of the workgroup for financial industry.

Thus, business of the South of Russia will get new access to international scene of cooperation and constructing of Common Economic Space between Russia and the European Union.