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Davos in Moscow

On October 17 and 18 in Moscow World Economic Forum (WEF) held a meeting of leading politicians and businessmen, devoted to scenarios of development of Russia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Center-invest professor V.V.Vysokov, Doctor in Economics, took part in the forum.

The most part of the specialists who took part in the forum came to a conclusion that in 2025 Russia should diversify its economy, which is based nowadays on oil and gas production.

WEF participants supported the offer of professor Vysokov, that economy diversification is not an alternative but the basis of economic growth and should include diversification of institutional structure (starting from state monopolies to state-private partnerships and from private enterprises to public companies), sectors of economy (from raw materials branches to the development of infrastructure, new industrialization of all the branches), and also regional structure (business transfer from capitals to regions).

Forum participants evaluated positively Bank Center-invest experience in realization of the program “Doubling 2005: Doubling of business, profit, knowledge and living standards of the customers”.

In his speech during the Forum professor Vysokov familiarized the participants with actual results of Bank Center-invest work with small business on the basis of long-term crediting of investment projects, and also the use of Internet technologies for international cooperation. 9000 SMEs and 4000 individual entrepreneurs have already become the customers of Bank Center-invest.

The programs for energy saving, implementation of corporate governance, improving of internal control and risk management are being realized together with international finance institutions.