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Bank Center-invest increased its capital 1.7 times.

Bank Center-invest capital reached RUR 1783 million as of 01.11.05. From the beginning of this year the capital has grown 1.7 times, including due to RUR 361 million of profit and purchase of additional share issue by German investment corporation DEG and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to the amount of USD 19.5 million.

The growth of capital will allow increasing the volumes of crediting by additional RUR 5 billion in the near future. First of all this will concern enterprises of agroindustrial complex, small business enterprises, communal service enterprises and enterprises, which implement energy-saving technologies. Increased volumes of crediting will allow the enterprises of the South of Russia to produce additional goods to the amount of RUR 10 billion, they will allow to increase the volume of investments by RUR 3-5 billion, while the individuals will be able to purchase over 2000 new flats using mortgage program.

Bank Center-invest customers are companies, which have learnt to work legally in the frames of growing market. Credit costs reduce and credit periods become longer due to international credit lines. Reduction of rates and prolongation of credit periods mean the growth of volume of sales, increase of profit, creation of new workplaces, improvement of living standards in the region.

The growth of capital means for Bank Center-invest depositors additional growth of reliability of their Bank with preservation of high rates for deposits. Bank Center-invest allows not only to make profit but also to get presents: traditional drawing of prizes for “Golden autumn” deposit will take place on December 8, and on December 22 – for “Progressive” and “Car” deposits.