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Which banks like small business

10 422 loans to the small business enterprises were granted by the banks operating in Rostov region in 2005. The amount of these loans equals to RUR 24.6 billion. Center-invest Bank granted the most part of these loans to SMEs of Rostov region. The exact figure is 4878 loans to the amount of RUR 9.6 billion, which is 47% of the total loans granted to SMEs of Rostov region.

Center-invest Bank’s cooperation with the Administration of Rostov region allowed reaching a new level of lending to small business and enabled offering loans, leasing, factoring, trade financing and Internet technologies to the SMEs.

On June 10, 2005 “Russian and German day of SMEs financing in Rostov-on-Don” took place for the first time in the South of Russia. It was organized by Center-invest Bank together with KfW Bank (Germany) and Administration of Rostov region with the support of TRANSFORM program by the German government. Ove 200 participants from Russia and Germany took part in the forum and among them: DEG, AKA, Commerzbank AG, Dresdner Bank, Raiffeisen LB, West LB, Bank Gesellschaft Berlin, Lufthansa, Siemens, CLAAS, KNAUF, Rehau, Ministry for Finances of Germany, largest enterprises of the South of Russia and others.

At present the largest international financial organizations have granted credit and guarantee lines for Center-invest to support small business to the total amount of over $37.5 million.

Center-invest Bank took part in the 5th economic forum “Small business in the economy of Don region”. A new type of service for SMEs – on-line credit application on the Bank’s web-site – was presented during the forum.

Center-invest Bank is supporting “Hot line” (phone (8632) 62-35-15) of Rostov regional agency for SMEs support. The answers to the most relevant questions of the entrepreneurs are published on the Bank’s web-site on the regular basis ( In 2005 about 2684 entrepreneurs received free consultations in legal matters by specialists and also consultations concerning the issues of funds attraction and accounting.

Growth of Bank’s indicators is also connected with the development of its branch network. At present 42 branches and sub-branches are operating in Rostov, Volgograd and Krasnodar regions. 10 ones are about to open.

10 000 SMEs and 6 000 individual entrepreneurs have already become the customers of Center-invest Bank.

 2003 2004 2005
Loans granted Total amount (RUR, mil.) Loans granted Total amount (RUR, mil.) Loans granted Total amount (RUR, mil.)
South-Western Bank of SberBank of RF1 8926 3442 6837 305,72 76210 143, 3
Center-invest Bank1 8172 4903 3266 108,94 8789 573, 6
KMB-Bank1 0012771 247278,91 276402, 1
Rostpromstroibank3287052766562171 050, 3
Don Public Bank891741581 315,4268767, 9
Guta Bank (from 2005 - "Vneshtorgbank 24"5610599,82670, 8
Bank of Moscow461 6141011 353,365919, 1
Rostov branch of "Rosselkhozbank"37287578,9117146, 3
DoninvestNon-co-executors of the Program333123,9319176, 7
Bank "Revival" (Rostov branch)33,400
Petrokommerz Bank (Rostov branch)100202,2109327, 2
Vneshtorgbank (Rostov branch)25 47,2 79 104, 8
MBRD(Rostov branch)140 282 93 332, 4
Bank "Menatep St.Petersburg" (from 2005 - a branch of National bank "Trust" in Rostov-on-Don)120,4110
Gasprombank(Rostov branch)19 59,1 17 50, 7
Fondservisbank(Rostov branch)Non-co-executors of the Program4438, 9
TOTAL5 26611 7378 68218 071,510 46624 676, 1