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Center-Invest Bank grants the car to a depositor from Krasniy Sulin.

On February 17 the great presentation of the car VAZ 2110 to a depositor from Krasniy Sulin took place in Center-Invest Bank. He won this car via placing a “Car” deposit in Center-Invest Bank.

This was already the fifth car, which was drawn among the depositors of Center-Invest Bank and the second one granted to a depositor from Krasniy Sulin. The cars had already been granted to the citizens of Aksai city and once to a customer from Volgodonsk.

Center-Invest Bank is well known for its wide range of deposits with drawings of prizes. Center-Invest Bank customers have already received five cars VAZ 2110, over 30 personal computers, different domestic equipment, mobile phones for children for “Grow up a big person” deposit and two flats.

In 2005 depositors of Center-Invest have made a new record. The volume of deposits in the largest Bank of Don region exceeded RUR 5 billion. The number of depositors of Center-Invest Bank is over 100 000 persons. Stable growth of the volume of deposits is a sign of high confidence of the population of the South of Russia in Center-Invest Bank.

You can place a deposit with drawing of prizes in any of 44 branches and sub-branches of Center-Invest Bank in Rostov-on-Don, Rostov and Volgograd regions and Krasnodarskiy krai. All the deposits in Center-Invest Bank are insured via the system of deposit state insurance.