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Now it is easier to get a mortgage loan together with Center-Invest Bank

Web site has published rating “The largest mortgage banks of Russia in 2005” ( CIB is the only bank of Don region that entered TOP-10 by the growth of mortgage loans in 2005. It became possible due to the program “Doubling of living standards”. Within the framework of this program some new programs for purchase of flats are being developed. Moreover these programs will facilitate the process to make new houses easy-to-buy ones. Besides CIB is increasing the quality of servicing the population of the South of Russia.

On February 18, in the United Mortgage Center (“Landlord” real estate company) CIB’s specialists were providing consultations to the population regarding mortgage issues. 110 families took a special CIB’s offer: they submitted mortgage loan applications with only passport on them.

On February 20, 2006 Center-Invest Bank presented a new, more accessible mortgage lending program. The tenor of such loans increased up to 15 years, initial payment (for purchasing flats and houses on the secondary market) fell down to 10% counting from the price of a house or flat to be purchased. Interest rate decreased as well.

CIB’s specialists will submit your proposal and the decision will be made within 24 hours – this all is for free. And traditionally – employees of the companies, which are the customers of Center-Invest Bank, are granted loans at a lower rate.

In 2005 CIB granted 476 mortgage loans to the amount of over RUR 250 million. Center-Invest Bank enhances lending conditions within the frames of a special credit line, which was provided by German Corporation for Investments and Development – DEG (Germany) to develop small business and mortgage lending.