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Center-invest Bank became the largest Bank in the South of Russia by the number of granted international plastic cards

Web-site has published a rating “The most “plastic cards” banks after 6 months of 2006” ( Center-invest Bank took the 45th position by the number of issued cards among the largest Russian banks. According to the information of Over 84 thousand persons use Center-invest Bank plastic cards.

Center-invest Bank also took the 14th position of the rating “The banks with the most number of salary projects” by the amount of plastic cards issued within the frames of salary projects.

Over 290 enterprises and companies of the South of Russia participate in “salary projects” of Center-invest Bank.

In 2006 Center-invest Bank has introduced new services for plastic cards-holders: balance over cellular phone and children card. By using “balance over cellular phone” service one can find out his balance on the plastic card account via a cellular phone.

“Children” card will teach your child plan his budget and spend money reasonably as well as teach him to be self-dependent. You yourself define the limit of withdrawals per day for your child card. You can control spendings of your child – after switching on SMS notifying service and then you will be receiving SMS each time operation on your child’s card took place.

Center-invest Bank is the only bank in the region that participates in two most popular payment systems in the world – MasterCard Int. и Visa Int.

Over 40 thousand students from the largest higher educational establishments of Rostov-on-Don - RSU, RSEU, RSMU, DSTU и RSCU - receive their scholarships via international plastic cards Cirrus/Maestro of Center-invest Bank.

In 2006, 12 ATMs have been introduced. Bank’s acquiring network includes 49 ATMs, 50 cash offices, 129 trade and service enterprises, which accept cards of all the major international systems and two Russian payment systems - STB and Union Card.

Skillful and friendly specialists of Center-invest Bank will help you obtain an international plastic card and provide any consultations you need regarding this card.