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Bank Center-invest became the first bank in the South of Russia to be assigned an international credit rating

On the 15th of September Bank Center-invest was assigned credit rating B1 for the long term currency deposits by one of the leading international rating agencies Moody’s Investor’s Services and credit rating on a national scale by Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency.

International ratings which are assigned by Moody’s Investor’s Services allow comparing creditworthiness of the lenders in different countries. Rating B1 means that the lender has a high possibility to fulfill its obligations duly and fully.

National scale rating, assigned by Moody’s Interfax Rating Agency, evaluates relative creditworthiness of the lenders inside the country. Rating level shows higher than average level of creditworthiness among the other lenders in the country.

Thus, Bank Center-invest has entered a group of the largest Russian banks with a high international ratings level. Moody’s analysts have commented their decision:

«The ratings assigned to Center-invest Bank reflect its position as the largest among locally registered banks in the south of Russia and its clear-cut strategy focused on achieving leadership in the SME and retail segments in the most economically developed regions in this part of the country».

Due to the obtained rating from Moody’s Bank Center-invest will get an easier access to the funds on the international capital markets since partners can avoid long due diligence procedures and instead use the information of the rating. As a result the Bank will get a wider circle of the partners in Russia and abroad so that the clients of the biggest South Russian Bank will get access to the cheaper and longer loans.

High level of reliability and the necessity to maintain the rating annually confirms that the Bank is confident in its efficient activity today and in the future.

During the due diligence for rating assignment the experts of Moody’s have studied carefully the financial reporting and operating activity of the Bank Center-invest. In the report they emphasized the following strong positions of the Bank:

  • Transparency of the business and shareholders structure
  • Sustained high profitability
  • Diversified liabilities
  • Good assets quality.