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International loan for the agriculture of the South of Russia

Within the framework of the joint program of Center-invest Bank, RaiffeisenLandesbank Oö (RLB Oö, Австрия) and international company Voest Alpine Intertrading AG, “Ali” Ltd (Kuschevsky region of Krasnodarsky krai) was granted a loan to the amount of RUR 6 million for the term of 3 years for the construction and reconstruction of the agricultural production warehouses.

Within the framework of the program Center-invest Bank grants investment loans for the term of up to 3 years with a possibility of partial commercial interest rate subsidizing. The volume of the program is EURO 5 million.

Conditions of the program provide for the lowering of interest rate by one point in case of export sale of winter wheat or sunflower seeds to the amount that equals or larger than the amount of the loan.

Given credit line is one of the elements of Center-invest Bank and RLB Oö joint program - “International cooperation of small and medium sized enterprises of Russia and Austria”, which embraces:

  • Lending for trade operations;
  • Lending for investment projects;
  • Development of agribusiness of the South of Russia;
  • Equipment leasing.

In August, during the previous visit of the delegation of Austrian entrepreneurs and journalists headed by the governor of Upper Austria doctor Josef Puhringer and Chairman of the Managing Board of RLB Oö, doctor Ludwig Scharinger, negotiations between Austrian businessmen and Russian entrepreneurs-customers of Center-invest Bank took place. Russia was represented by the largest producers of agricultural production and foodstuff from Rostov region and Krasnodarsky krai.