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Center-invest Bank is a team of professionals

At the beginning of September Center-invest Bank held training in teambuilding for the staff. 80 young specialists of Center-invest Bank were developing their skill to solve common tasks and achieve the best results together.

Growing competition allows developing only for those enterprises that are managed by teams – professional skills of each separate manager is more often considered to be an input into a joint business.

Center-invest Bank tradition is working to achieve total result. To assess staff potential, determine informal leaders and to unite the personnel, training organizers used team contests and relay-races. Relations between team members transformed into informal, friendly ones which is to contribute to forming a positive emotional background and to increasing work efficiency of each employee.

Center-invest Bank actively supports educational projects and raising skill level of its personnel.

On regular basis Center-invest Bank staff get involved into different projects to increase their professional skills, trainings take place in Russia as well as in London, Vienna, New-York and other cities of the world. In August another group consisting of five specialists returned from London.