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Asset Management Fund “Center-invest First” is one of the leading asset management funds in Russia by profitability

Among Russian asset management funds “Center-invest First” took the 2nd place in Russia by the change of share value* after 12 months (“Commersant Money” N50 [606] 18.12-24.12.2006). Share value increased by 62,1% (the rating is prepared on the basis of the information of the Agency for investors’ information rights protection (AIIRP)).

Success of Asset Management Fund “Center-invest First” has proved once again high qualification of Center-invest Bank specialists and professional knowledge of development trends of Russian stock market. “Center-invest First” has been operating successfully since 2003 and it is stable in taking first lines of Russian funds profitability ratings.

Asset Management Fund presupposes long-term investments but for the sake of customers’ comfort it is possible to draw out money from the fund at any moment.

In August 2006 Center-invest Bank has introduced a new investment service for the population of the South of Russia – Asset Management Fund “Center-invest II” (registered by the Bank of Russia on 26.07.2006).

The basis of investment strategy of this new fund of Center-invest Bank is bonds of Russian companies and shares of real estate investment funds. The new fund is characterized by less aggressive strategy as compared to “Center-invest First”, whose assets are mainly invested into shares of Russian corporations.

Due to this new fund, opportunities of Center-invest Bank customers increased greatly. Combining savings in these two funds, one can manage his/hers investment with greater flexibility.

Center-invest Bank realizes transparent fund management and cooperates with the Agency for investors’ information rights protection (AIIRP) ( Up-to-date information on the profitability and activities of the funds is available on Center-invest Bank web-site