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Center-invest Bank: USD 20 million for the economy of the South of Russia within the first week of the new year!

Center-invest Bank signed a contract on opening of credit-line to the amount of USD 16 million with National City Bank (USA, the bank is included into TOP 20 of the largest banks of the USA and TOP 200 of the largest banks of the world).

Credit line was granted to Center-invest Bank under a guarantee of OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation).

As early as January 16, 2007, Center-invest Bank received the first tranche amounting to USD 2 million within the framework of the abovementioned credit line. The funds will be directed to lending to the population of the South of Russia.

This is already the second joint project of Center-invest Bank and National City Bank. In July of 2006 American bank took part in a syndicated loan for Center-invest Bank that was organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Also in January 2007 there was signed an agreement between Center-invest Bank and “ICICI Bank” (Moscow, daughter bank of the largest Indian bank – ICICI that takes 201st place of world rating).

According to the agreement, up to the end of January Center-invest Bank will be granted a one-year loan from “ICICI Bank” amounting to USD 5 million for financing SMEs of the South of Russia.

Thus, within the first days of the new year, Center-invest Bank attracted over USD 20 million to the economy of the South of Russia. Gross volume of investments, attracted by Center-invest Bank to the economy of the South of Russia, has already exceeded 250 million Euro due to cooperation with the largest international financial organizations.