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Center-invest Bank: masterpieces of classical music for the customers

On February 10, customers and partners of Center-invest Bank received a present on the eve of spring days – a concert of symphonic music in Rostov state musical theatre.

Main conductor of the theatre, honoured art worker of Russia, Alexandr Anisimov composed a concert program in optimistic major key and conducted the concert by himself.

Invitation of Center-invest Bank was gladly accepted by customers, partners and friends of the Bank, who became real connoisseurs of music, due to annual symphonic concerts. Masterpieces of Chaikovsky, Vivaldi, Mozart and other great composers were performed for them by leading soloists of Musical theatre, famous and dear even abroad: Alexander Leitchenkov, Natalya Dmitrievskaya, Sergei Nesterov (violin).

For the first time in the season, symphonic orchestra of Rostov Musical Theatre performed with its full complement – and this makes over one hundred persons. It was especially pleasant to see young persons in the orchestra – musicians, who were moved by desire to work in one of the best musical collectives of the South of Russia and young soloists, future stars of world music.

Maestro Anisimov presented the public with many surprises and premiers: overture of Franc fon Zuppe to the operetta “Light cavalry”, play for a trumpet with orchestra, overture to opera of Mozart “Idomenius” – all of these compositions were heard by Rostov audience for the first time.

In his opening address, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Center-invest Bank, Vasily V. Vysokov, in Russian and French, noted that this hall gathered not only customers and partners of the Bank, both Russian and foreign, but associates – “members of a new historical community” – of Center-invest Bank.

Conformably to the topic of “a new historical community” great Russian was performed in second part of the concert – cycle of Musorgsky “Pictures from the exhibition”. Surprise from Alexander Anisimov – favourite compositions of Center-invest Bank customers were played an encore. “Eternal classical hits” of Straus “At hunt” and “Radezky march” delighted the audience.

For almost 15 years of its work Center-invest Bank has been able to create a new historical community of people, who can manage their own business successfully, transparently and with dignity. Each of them has his own advantages in business, production, finances, marketing, staff. But also they have one common advantage – they are all customers of Center-invest Bank.

In the end of 2006 Center-invest Bank introduced a new strategy of development of all the South of Russia – “South of Russia+”. Due to this strategy, the Bank and its customers will be able to take leading positions both in regional and Russian and global markets. Successful realization of “South of Russia+” strategy depends on joint work of the Bank and its customers – same harmonius, well organized and masterfully coordinated as performance of symphonic orchestra of Rostov musical theatre conducted by maestro Anisimov.