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Center-invest Bank is the leader for retail deposits in southern Russia.

RosBusinessConsulting ( has published its rating 'The Best Deposit Banks' based on performance during the first three quarters of 2008. Center-invest Bank is ranked 29th among the leading Russian banks in terms of retail deposits.

This high ranking is an indicator of the reliability and the customer-focused approach of the largest southern Russian bank.

Center-invest Bank now has more than 330,000 depositors. The stable growth in deposits shows that the general public trust Center-invest Bank. The population of southern Russia has shown a clear preference for the stability and reliability of Center-invest.

 “All of Center-invest Bank’s deposit accounts offer favourable terms and conditions,” says Irina Levina, Head of Center-invest Bank's Retail Operations Department.You can open a deposit account in rubles or in foreign currency. And we are now offering all our regular customers a new deposit account with a higher interest rate, the “Loyal Friends” account.”

Center-invest's depositors do more than just keep their money safe; they also win valuable prizes. A wide range of account types are eligible for entry in our prize draws. So far this year, three computers and more than 2000 household appliances have been won by customers of Center-invest Bank.

The next Center-invest Bank prize draw will be held on 25 December among customers with an 'Avtomobil' account.

The increase in Center-invest Bank's deposits is also attributable to the expansion of the branch network in southern Russia. The bank currently has a total of 127 branches in the Rostov and Volgograd regions, Krasnodar Krai and Stravropol Krai. Centre-invest plans to have opened another seven offices by the end of the year: on Komarova Avenue in Rostov-on-Don, and in the town of Belaya Kalitva, the city of Stavropol (2 branches), the town of Essentuki, and the villages of Starominsky and Krylovski (Krasnodar Krai).


You are never far from a branch of Center-invest Bank!

62 Sokolova Avenue, Rostov-on-Don

and at your nearest Center-invest Bank branch

tel. (863) 200-00-00, 264-69-82