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More infrastructure has been commissioned for the post-crisis economy.

The Taganrog district heating company, OAO Teploenergo, has commissioned the town’s sixth modernised boiler house. The project was carried out using a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) loan for the modernisation of Taganrog’s heating infrastructure.

Modern equipment from the companies Buderus, Weishaupt and Wilo has been installed in the boiler house. The equipment was purchased on the advice of energy efficiency experts from Center-invest Bank. The boiler house has a capacity of 3.6 MW. Thanks to the new energy efficient equipment, gas consumption will be reduced by more than 10%.

As part of the Taganrog energy efficiency project, Teploenergo also plans to recondition and replace boilers, acquire a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, and install individual heat substations. The project will reduce current fuel consumption by 4% and save 1.1GWh of electricity for every 10.4GWh. CO2 emissions should fall by 6,800 tonnes annually.

In the last four years, OAO Teploenergo has constructed and commissioned six new boiler houses and closed down sixteen unprofitable ones. As the new boiler houses are constructed, the heating pipes are upgraded and replaced. This has enabled the company to achieve a threefold reduction in per unit heat production costs, to automate control functions, and to improve the quality of its services.

Teploenergo and Center-invest Bank have shown Russian business that sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly development can be commercially advantageous, as well as generally benefiting society.

The successful implementation of such projects demonstrates once again that despite the global economic crisis Center-invest Bank's customers are continuing to expand their businesses.