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Center-invest Bank strengthens positions in the South of Russia

The Bank of Russia published banks’ financials for January 2009. Analysis of these data shows that Center-invest increased its market share among all banks operate in Southern Russia District (SFD) by assets to 5,54%, by loans to 4,08%, by volume of deposits to 3,98%.

Center-invest’s market share among regional (local) banks registered and operating in SFD makes up 30,54% by assets, 31,59% by loans and 23,51% by deposits from population.

Center-invest Bank plays an important role in the economy of the Rostov region where it has more than half of all local banks’ assets, loans and deposits. In Krasnodar krai Center-invest Bank gave more than 12% of all loans provided by regional banks, in Stavropol krai – over 8%, in Volgograd region – over 16%. These regions and krais are parts of SFD.