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Dr. Vysokov’s new book contains the formula for building a sustainable business and overcoming the crisis.

Writing on the anniversary of the global financial crisis, Dr. Vysokov presents a study of the impact of the crisis on the economy of the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation. On the basis of his own detailed analysis of statistical data, the author gives an overview of the pre-crisis development of southern Russia in 2004-2008, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of the region. Statistical indicators for the first half of 2009 show that the region is using its advantages during this period of global financial instability.

From his perspective as president of the leading southern Russian bank, Dr. Vysokov writes about Center-Invest's experience of overcoming the crisis and about its post-crisis development. He proposes that readers take a fresh look at the global financial system and at their own businesses: the future economy should be based on principles of sustainable development, principles which Center-Invest Bank not only promotes but also puts into practice at all stages of its development.

Dr. Vysokov gives his readers (business people, teachers, students, civil servants, and experts) the formula for building a post-crisis economy and a sustainable business: the people who will succeed are those who know their businesses, their markets and their advantages, and who have a development strategy.

In the final chapter of his book, Dr. Vysokov makes recommendations for the construction of global financial markets and national banking systems on the basis of the concept of sustainable development. He argues that this concept should come to replace the speculative banking business.

Participants in the International Investment Forum “Sochi 2009” were the first people to read the book. You can access the book in electronic format at