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Center-Invest Bank - the leader in SME lending

In 2009, in terms of the number of loans it issued to SMEs, Center-Invest was the top performing bank in the Rostov Region SME Development Programme. We provided SMEs with 4169 loans totalling RUR15.7bn. 

We accounted for 38.7% of the total number of loans issued and 27.6% of their total value.

Center-Invest Bank has been running programmes to support SMEs in southern Russia for twelve years now. Today, 40,000 SMEs and self-employed individuals choose to bank with us.

At the national level, Center-Invest Bank is rated as one of the top ten partners for SMEs.

In its rating “Russia's Top-20 Banks in 2009”, the website ranks Center-Invest eighth in terms of the total value of loans made to SMEs.

Type of SME
Number of employeesMaximum earnings, rubles millions
micro enterprises up to 15 ≤ 60
small enterprises from 15 to 100 ≤ 400
medium-sized enterprises from 101 to 250 ≤ 1000