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Center-Invest Bank's experience of energy efficiency lending is of global significance.

On 5 October, Center-Invest experts presented our experience in energy efficiency projects at a seminar entitled “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Brazil”, held by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in San Paulo.

Center-Invest Bank participated in the seminar in real time via a video link between San Paulo and Rostov-on-Don. Transmitted simultaneously to three continents, the live broadcast was watched by IFC specialists, clients and partners in Moscow and Washington.

Sergei Smirnov, head of Center-Invest Bank's Investment Lending Department, spoke about our own experience and also more generally about the implementation of energy efficiency projects in Russia at a time when the government is introducing reforms in this area: “Center-Invest Bank has energy efficiency loan programmes for industry, agricultural companies, service companies, public sector organisations, residents, housing management companies and housing cooperatives. We began this work long before the adoption of the new law on energy saving, and, since the introduction of this legislation, we have remained convinced that we have been moving in the right direction. Our range of financial products and technologies is such that we can offer our clients solutions for even the most complex cases. The companies featured in the case studies that we are sharing with our Brazilian colleagues today are seeing energy savings of 40-70%. This confirms the enormous potential for energy saving and shows that investment in this area is effective.”
Center-Invest Bank is the leading Russian partner of international financial institutions promoting energy efficiency projects. As part of joint programmes with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), IFC, FMO, and KfW, we have financed 190 energy projects in southern Russia to the tune of RUB2.1bn. This has resulted in a 61,170 tonne annual reduction in CO2 emissions (equivalent to the emissions of 35,700 cars).

Already this year, we have financed 60 energy efficiency projects with loans totalling more than RUB700m; energy efficiency lending is up 55% on the whole of 2009.
Our success in financing these projects is attributable to the sustainable lending model that we have developed for our customers in southern Russia, combining technical, financial and social engineering.

Companies that are making their operations more energy efficient can expect to obtain longer-term loans (3-5 years) and lower interest rates.

It is not just our business customers who can participate in our energy efficiency lending programmes; we also make energy efficiency loans to private individuals and housing cooperatives. 

Center-Invest Bank shares its experience of introducing energy efficiency technologies in southern Russia with a wide audience. For example, in March 2010 we gave presentations to Ukrainian bankers, in May we participated in a seminar for Moscow banks, in June we presented our achievements to a delegation from the World Bank and the Russian government in Kazan, and in October we shared our experience with banks from the North Caucasus Federal District. In addition, our specialists regularly meet with the heads of the Rostov region’s city administrations.

By sharing information so openly, Center-Invest Bank is making southern Russia more attractive for both Russian and foreign investors and providing businesses in the region with extensive opportunities to expand their international contacts. 

On 18 October, we will present the results of the energy audits carried out for our clients free of charge as part of the EBRD's technical assistance project. On 21-22 October, together with the German state bank KfW, we will hold round tables at the X International Forum “Don Small Business” during which we will talk about the new opportunities for SMEs to modernise by introducing effective energy efficiency measures.