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Center-Invest Bank - the leader in SME lending in Rostov region.

In three quarters of 2010, in terms of the number of loans made to SMEs for investment purposes and to provide working capital (excluding car loans), Center-Invest Bank was the top performer of the banks participating in the Rostov Region SME Development Programme.

Center-Invest Bank accounts for 35% of the total number of SME loans made in the Rostov region under this programme in 3Q of the year (3410 loans out of 9743) and for 30% of their value (RUB 13.6bn out of RUB 45.3bn).

Center-Invest Bank has been running programmes to support SMEs in southern Russia for thirteen years. Today, 40,000 SMEs and self-employed individuals bank with us.

Center-Invest Bank's products for SMEs include: credit lines, investment project finance, equipment leasing, and trade finance. Thanks to our wide range of services and products and also our experience in this sector, we are able to respond quickly to requests for business loans and adopt a flexible approach.

We have entered into agreements with the SME Guarantee Funds in the Rostov and Volgograd regions, Krasnodar Krai and Stavropol Krai. These guarantee funds are helping our business customers by providing additional loan security.